We prosecute and defend a variety of complex business disputes class actions in myriad substantive areas, including insurance services, franchising, manufacturing and wholesaling, and oil and gas services. We have served as national lead counsel in large cases and class actions around the country, including in: CO, CA, OR, UT, WY, TX, LA, CT, FL, IL, MO, AZ, VA, GA, AL and the District of Columbia.

Our team handles claims made for breach of contract, business torts, intellectual property claims, non-compete, non-solicitation, trade secret, and confidentiality agreements, violations of various state Unfair Trade Practice Acts, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and lease disputes.

The firm also handles a large volume of business litigation disputes which include, executive employment agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, corporate and partnership agreements, licensing contracts, insurance agreements, sales contracts, and lease disputes.

In class actions and mass-tort cases, we represent companies involving matters such as consumer class actions, antitrust, insurance premium and rate stacking class actions, employment class and collective actions, food labeling class actions, and mass tort personal injury class actions. We have experience in all aspects of the certification, notice, bifurcated trials on merit phases (or stages) of mass-tort, commercial and injunctive disputes. We have experience administering the claims and settlement aspects of national and statewide class actions.

We also represent manufacturers of a variety of products in myriad contexts, including outerwear, retail products, heavy machinery, pharmaceuticals and component parts. We provide advice and counsel not only during litigation, but with respect to corporate needs such as public relations, crisis management, response to regulatory inquiries, early claim resolution and coordination of expert witness strategy, retention and preparation.